Whether we are talking about training or reaching your personal goal, progress is key. At times, we want to rush to what the “elites” do for both workouts and life. But we have to learn to walk before we can run. The issue with trying to follow the workouts of elite athlete athletes is that we shouldn’t care as much as to what they are doing now – at this point in their career they are trying to merely edge out a 1% increase in performance. Instead, we should try and reflect on what they did early on to get them to the point where they are better than 99% of the other people in their field. More times than not, we are going to find that consistency is key. Consistency drives progress and progress in the right direction gets you closer to your goals. So when it comes to training, don’t try and do what the best are doing, but realize you need to do what the best did to get there. This mindset greatly changes how you look at training. No longer does it become an attempt to compare yourself to others, but instead an attempt to simply progress in the right way. Part of this progress is making sure you are consuming what is needed to help augment your training. This is where consuming enough protein comes into play. While it may not seem like much in the moment, getting the most out of the training pushes the needle of progress in the right direction a little further each time.

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