Adaptive Capacity

Adaptive capacity is a pretty straightforward concept. Your body only has so much energy and resources to allocate towards any stressors that you impose upon it. This includes everything from social stress, psychological stress, physical stress and just life in general. All of these stresses add up and when there are a lot going on we can only do one of two things to help boost out energetic resources. We can one, reduce the amount of stress that we are imposing on our body. This way we get the most out of what resources we have. Secondly we can increase our adaptive capacity by increasing our sleep and making sure we are getting the right nutrition. Both of these factors, the mitigation of stress and the increase of energetic resources are of importance for getting the most out of our training. We cannot think of training happening in isolation. All that we do in life is interconnected and what we do outside of training can hinder the training process. Thus, having adequate protein intake has been shown to be one of these critical factors that can help buffer against external stressors, such as a reduction in calories. In short, when possible, we need to do all that we can to give our body the opportunities to adapt and perform at the highest level.

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