Asking Questions The Right Way

It seems odd that people are afraid to ask questions and yes, I get it, you don’t always want to bother someone, especially at the gym. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t ask a question about training to someone else at the gym – especially if it’s a safety question. 

However, there is a fine line, because asking a question about technique is much different than asking a question that is a detailed training question. 

So, long story short don’t be afraid to ask questions but just be self aware as to what kind of questions you are asking. 

If it's something that might require a longer explanation such as that of something related to training organization, find a time that seems appropriate for both parties. 

Knowing how to ask the right questions and what to ask is an art.

Or better yet, find a good, reliable online source and consume as much information as you can regularly.

Read books, read articles, read journals.

Learning is a never-ending process and must be treated as such.