The concept of auto-regulation is pretty straightforward. Auto-regulation, often referred to as flexible periodization or agile periodization, is the concept that we change our plans based on how we feel at a given time. There is no way you can predict the future, so when you initially write your training program there is no way of knowing how you are going to actually feel that day. Auto-regulation gives you the ability to adjust your training day to day without worrying about screwing up your training cycle. This is where a tool like rate of perceived exertion (RPE) can be used as a tool to adjust loading and training volumes without having to rewrite the program. Great lifters have been doing this forever, it's just a more objective way of listening to your body. If you are tired, sore or just a little run down there is no need to try and force the issue. Adjust your training loads as needed, allowing you to still stay within your training program, but don’t be stupid and force the issue when it isn’t needed. Sometimes, you just need some extra recovery time.

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