Block Training

The concept of block training is designed around the idea of using structured periods of time “blocks” to focus on specific physical qualities that if not focus on, might otherwise not be optimally developed. For example, someone might want to set up a training program where the first block of training is hypertrophy, the second block is strength and the third block is back to hypertrophy. In this set up, the first hypertrophy block might increase the cross sectional area of the muscle, which in turn raises the potential to produce more strength. Then, the strength block is designed to convert the newly found hypertrophy into strength. Once this hypertrophy is converted to strength, one might switch back into the a hypertrophy block, where the new found strength allows you to do more reps (volume) at a higher load during the second hypertrophy block. So in turn, each cycle feeds into the next, allowing for organization of training blocks to build into each other.

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