General Strength Training

General strength training is a style of training that has no “specific” goal in the sense that the strength you build can only be expressed in specific ways. For example, if you only trained to be a high jumper and did high jumps, your ability to jump high is going to be pretty specific just high jumping. On the other side of the coin, getting stronger, say in a squat doesn’t guarantee that you jump higher in the high jump, but it does build the strength of those muscles that perform the high jump. However, those leg muscles that you build your squat can also be used in say baseball, sprinting, basketball and a whole slew of other sports. In this case, general training is not specific to any sport because the training itself is useful for just about any sport as long as the skill of the sport is trained to use that general strength. General strength is essentially the base of your pyramid. The larger the base, the taller the pyramid can become.

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