How Strong Is Strong Enough?

Being “strong enough” is extremely contextual. The idea of being strong enough typically pertains to the relationship between maximal strength gains of a given exercise, say your one rep max in a squat and its transfer to another movement, say jumping. There may be a point in time where squatting more weight doesn’t lead to an increase in jump height. At this point in time, focusing your energy and time on other types of training, like max power or max velocity might yield better results for your jumping. So at this point where the return on investment for getting stronger than other types of training could arguably be the point where you are “strong enough”. This is especially true for athletes who are not competitive powerlifters or olympic weightlifters. However, it should be noted that this is very much goal specific and always depends on the athlete. If your goal is simply to get as strong as possible then obviously there is no “strong enough.”