Lift Weights!

Resistance training has been shown time and time again to be extremely beneficial for your health! It has been shown across numerous domains, longevity, functional capacity, hormone response, psychological response and so on to have positive effects. One of the most amazing things about resistance training is that there are tons of different means through which you can do it. Yes, it seems that free weight training does offer some unique benefits from a stability standpoint, but that doesn’t mean machines should be ignored. Hand grip, push-up capacity, how fast you can sit up from a chair and many more strength related tests have all been associated with better living outcomes. So, at the end of the day, regardless of your means and methods we should find a way to encourage people to lift weights and get stronger.

With resistance training comes the need for protein supplementation. Check out our Whey Protein Isolate for your post-workout recovery supplementation needs. Each serving provides 22 grams of some of the highest-quality whey protein out there. The ingredients are all-natural - we only use cocoa powder, Himalayan rock salt, and Stevia for flavoring - resulting in a protein that quite simply tastes amazing. On top of that, each batch of our whey isolate undergoes a strict quality control process that includes independent third party testing to ensure that our protein is exactly what we say it is, free of any harmful substances or contaminants.