Macro vs Micro

Training is what some call a macro output. It is determined by the weight you lift, the amount you lift and the duration you lift, that is “big picture stuff”. However, these macro outputs are signaled as micro inputs within the body. What do I mean by that? Lifting a weight signals small, cellular structures to change. If all of these cellular structures change over and over again (micro changes) we will eventually see macro results (bigger muscles, lifting more weights, increasing performance). Because it’s a macro-micro-macro model we better macro sure all of the micro changes are optimized! This is where aspects of training like recovery, nutrient consumption and sleep all play a role. These aspects all help the micro-machinery change in a positive manner. So, when we think about training we need to find ways to provide our body with an optimal micro environment so we can have the best macro changes.

Part of establishing an optimal micro environment is consuming a sufficient amount of protein so that you can recover from your workouts properly. Check out Upper Echelon Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate for your protein supplementation needs. Each serving provides 22 grams of some of the highest-quality whey protein out there. The ingredients are all-natural - we only use cocoa powder, Himalayan rock salt, and Stevia for flavoring - resulting in a protein that quite simply tastes amazing. On top of that, each batch of our whey isolate undergoes a strict quality control process that includes independent third party testing to ensure that our protein is exactly what we say it is, free of any harmful substances or contaminants.