Macro vs Micro Nutrients

Macronutrients are the big three - carbs, fat and protein. Inside of these carb, fat, and protein sources are what we call micro nutrients. Some argue that micronutrients are why we actually consume macronutrients (not solely, but a major contributor). We aren’t going to dive into the weeds of that argument, but we do want to bring up the idea of nutrient dense foods. When talking about nutrient dense foods, we are often referring to the miconutrient profile of a food. So what we mean by that is there is your meal, say a sandwich, which consists of different ingredients (meat products, produce and bread). Within those ingredients are your macronutrients and within the makeup of those ingredients are your micronutrients. This is why eating a sweet potato is (almost definitely) more beneficial than eating a bag of chips. The density of nutrients in sweet potatoes could potentially outweigh that in a chip.

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