Making Bodyweight Exercises Harder

Bodyweight exercises are thought of as beginner exercises, but as most gym goers know, this isn’t really the case. 

Performing bodyweight exercises can be easy if you make them easy. 

But, they can be much harder if you want to make them harder. 

What do I mean? 

Well when lifting your body weight you don’t really have the option to increase load outside of only using one foot versus two, so instead of manipulating the load, you manipulate the mechanical advantage. 

So this is why doing pushups with your feet up on a bench might be harder than with your feet on the floor. 

It’s also why doing sissy squats is harder than doing regular squats. 

Long story short, yes you are limited load wise when it comes to body weight, but the load isn’t the only factor you can manipulate. 

Instead we can put ourselves at a mechanical disadvantage and make the lift harder without ever changing the mass we are moving.