Multi-Position Isometrics

Multi-position isos have been used for years in powerlifting and isometrics. Isometrics have the unique quality of being able to target specific regions and muscle lengths with constant tension in ways dynamic contractions simply cannot. In other words, you can load a specific region of the muscle by just holding the weight there and creating enough force to support it. So with multi-position isometrics, you pick specific regions of the movement and hold there before moving to the next, say 3-5 regions of the movement itself. This way, you might actually only perform one rep, but the time under tension can be as long as if you did a number of reps. The set up would look something like this:

Top position 5 second hold

Middle position 5 second hold

Bottom position 5 second hold

Middle Position 5 second hold

Top position 5 second hold

Try it out and see how it works for you.

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