Partial Reps?

The inclusion of partial reps in training has a time and place, but obviously shouldn’t be your only form of training. A lot of times, partial reps are included in conjunction with a full range of motion reps. The purpose of partial reps is to target a specific region that might need “more attention”. The idea is pretty straight forward, when we do full reps all ranges of motion are given equal attention. The theory behind is that when we are under tension from a barbell, we only have X amount of time before fatigue accumulates. So if we only have 30 seconds before we get tired and each rep takes 3 seconds, then we only have the capacity to perform 10 reps. So if we want to target a specific portion of the lift and only have 30 seconds to burn, then adding some partial reps might allow us to give more attention to that area of need.

Reps set up might look like this:

1 full rep (3 seconds) – 2 partial reps (5 seconds)

1 full rep (3 seconds) – 2 partial reps  (5 seconds)

1 full rep (3 seconds) – 2 partial reps  (5 seconds)

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