Post-Activation Potentiation

The concept of post activation potentiation is a fancy way of saying doing one exercise raises the potential of performing the next exercise. For example, if you are attempting to jump higher, you might do something like a heavy squat for 1-2 reps, minimizing fatigue and then perform a jump 3-4 minutes later. The heavy weight theoretically stimulates the central nervous system and “primes” it for the jump. Thus, when you jump, you jump higher than you would have, had you not lifted the heavy weight prior. This kind of training should only be used during certain times of the year and within a training cycle. It helps teach the body how to express force but does not necessarily increase the potential of the body to express force. If you are working to improve maximal power, maximal strength or something of that nature, post activation potentiation might be a useful tool for you to incorporate into your training.