Practice Makes Permanent

When it comes to training, we need to remember that lifting a weight is a skill and like any skill, you get better over time and the more you practice. 

So as a beginner, it's important to A) appreciate this, because if you think you are a master of a movement just because you did it a couple of times might mean you are putting yourself at risk by overestimating your ability and B) remember that just because you aren’t the best at it now doesn’t mean you wont be better in the future. 

No, not every rep is going to be perfect. 

But, that is what learning is all about. 

Making your worse reps better and your best reps great. 

So just as a reminder, take your time when learning a new movement, don’t rush it and appreciate that it might not be perfect, but appreciate the fact that the way you practice is how habits are built.

The better you practice, the better you will eventually perform.

Build good habits, and better results will come.