Progress Is Relative To You

When we think about progress we need to make sure we reflect on our progress compared to where we were, not compared to someone else. 

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start comparing yourself to others and for some reason, it seems like this is more common in training than in other forms of athletics. 

For example, no one who plays basketball for fun will compare themselves to LeBron James and in the same breath, no one just starting in training should compare themselves to the guys you see in magazines. 

Yes, it's more than okay to have goals and strive to be like or similar to someone, but if it is getting in the way of your own training and hindering your own ability to recognize your progress, then maybe it's time to put training progress in perspective to your own journey.

Remember, don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 15.

We all have our own journey to success.