Stimulus, Recovery, Adaptation (SRA)

The stimulus - recovery  - adaptation process is of critical importance to understand. The stimulus is the workout itself - this is what you do, how long you do it for. Following the stimulus, there is a degree of breakdown that takes place. The degree of breakdown depends on the workout itself and how difficult it was in relation to your own capacity. For example, if a beginner and an elite athlete did the same workout, the breakdown that takes place is going to be larger for the beginner than the elite athlete. The amount of breakdown determines the recovery process. If the breakdown is too large, recovery and eventual adaptation might be limited. You want to find a threshold where the stimulus is large enough to create the need for recovery and adaptation, but not so large that recovery is impossible – yes, you can do too much. Lastly, there is adaptation, which is dependent on the degree of recovery and whether or not the body has the substrates needed for adaptation. This is where adequate protein and nutrient intake plays a critical role. Adequate protein can help provide the body the right building blocks to help with adaptation.

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