Stress Reduction

Our body is deeply interconnected, so to think that what we do outside of training doesn’t influence training is a naïve thought process. There is research that has shown that stress can inhibit the wound healing process, increase the likelihood of you getting sick, and even slow down the time of recovery from a strenuous bout of exercise. Proper stress management is key to mitigating the effects of stress on our body. Just like working out, excessive stress diverts our energy away from our body’s adaptive needs for training and delegates across the board. This is why it seems like all rebuilding processes are hindered, so not just adaptation from training, but wound-healing as well. This concept is anchored in the theory of general adaptation syndrome, discovered and pioneered by Hans Selye. In short, the theory states that there are general processes the body uses to orchestrate specific adaptations (muscles growing, bones getting stronger, wounds healing etc). When this general process is activated too many times, the body becomes systemically stressed and normal recovery processes might be slowed, including health related aspects such as your immune system. 

Consuming a sufficient amount of protein, so that you can recover from your workouts properly is a key component of stress management, especially as it relates to recovering from a strenuous bout of exercise. Check out our Whey Protein Isolate for your protein supplementation needs. Each serving provides 22 grams of some of the highest-quality whey protein out there. The ingredients are all-natural - we only use cocoa powder, himalayan rock salt, and stevia for flavoring - resulting in a protein that quite simply tastes amazing. On top of that, each batch of our whey isolate undergoes a strict quality control process that includes independent third party testing to ensure that our protein is exactly what we say it is, free of any harmful substances or contaminants.