Testing Versus Building

We get it, it's fun to see if you have gotten stronger or not, but this doesn’t mean you have to test your strength every time you are in the weight room.

There is a difference between testing and building and getting caught up in testing might mean you aren’t really ever building.

For example, you don’t want to just go and try to lift a new one rep max every time you workout. This is the one of the easiest ways to completely stunt your progress, as constantly testing can lead to quicker burnout.

Instead, doing sub-maximal work repeated over and over again for a couple of weeks might help you make more progress than loading up the bar, maxing out, and then just going on to the next exercise. This is a concept that is sometimes difficult to understand, especially for younger athletes just starting out.

It is important to remember that strength and hypertrophy gains come from accumulating enough volume over time at specific weights and rep ranges, not just from trying to lift more weight each time you workout.

So when it comes to your training and you aren’t making the progress you would like, make sure you check and see if you have been spending too much time testing and not enough time building.