Think For Yourself

Training yourself needs to be about you! 

When it comes to training, you can read a million books, but if you never really pay attention to yourself, then you might be missing out on some good info. 

What do I mean by this? 

Well, if we take the time to actually listen to our body and think about how training is affecting it, we can use our own intel, i.e. what our body is telling us to build a better program. 

This might seem a little “out there” but it really does hold some truth. 

For example, thinking that you MUST do a specific exercise is silly. 

Back squatting for some might just not be a good fit and guess what, your body will probably tell you this! 

So, instead of ignoring your body, listen to it and then think! 

Use your own intel about yourself, in conjunction with what science says, to help guide your training.