Throwing Things

When it comes to developing explosive power, it's hard to beat sprinting and jumping, but there is one area often forgotten about and that’s throwing things. The reason why throwing things doesn’t get the love it deserves is because, well, throwing heavy things normally means you break things, just think about chucking a 60lbs kettlebell in your gym and imagine what happens next. So, because opportunities to throw things became limited the minute we went indoors to the fancy gyms, the power of throwing things got left in the dust. However, there is a nice solution to this problem and the simple answer is - find sand. It's not what you throw that breaks things, it's the surface that the thrown object lands on that gets broken. So, sandpits provide the perfect opportunity to throw stuff without worrying about breaking stuff. Some options include kettlebells, medicine balls, and sandbags. Check out these awesome exercises you can do next time you find a sandpit and feel inclined to develop some lower body power by throwing stuff around.