Trainers - Your Clients Need To Like You!

Are you a personal trainer? Well, most trainers, at least good ones, know at the end of the day it's all about the clients. Yes, we have specific wants and needs for them, but if our training becomes something they don’t enjoy, we just lost a client. As trainers, it becomes a game of wants and needs. You have to balance what the client wants (massive biceps) with what they need (core stability). Sometimes wants and needs line up with each other and sometimes they don’t! At the end of the day, we do need to make the client happy. If they are happy, they continue to train and if they continue to train they will get the majority of the health benefits that they would get if they happen to follow every need you had for them. So, the moral of the story is to not get too caught up in what you think the client needs and don’t forget what they want! Training can be a mixture of both and even though you might think you have the best idea in the world for them, if they don’t like it and you can adjust… you probably won't have too many happy campers on your hands.