Training Interference - What Is It?

Training interference is an interesting topic, because it’s a complex one that doesn’t always have one straightforward answer. Training interference is the idea that if I do one type of training, it might interfere with the gains of another type of training I did as well. For example, the most commonly talked about training interference talked about is cardio vs strength training. Well, in order to get the bottom of this question, a few key points need to be addressed. Firstly, gains, regardless of training type will be reduced whenever there is a stressor that is too large to handle. So if adding cardio in with you training creates too much stress then there will be interference not because the training methods are too different, but because you just don’t have enough adaptive capacity to handle two workouts. Secondly, there is interference when it comes to skill, but we won't dive into that topic here, because it's very much skill specific. Lastly, there is potentially interference if you are on one extreme or the other. Say strength might interfere with endurance if you are an ultra endurance athlete or endurance might interfere with strength if you are an extreme strength athlete… but probably only so for the strength athlete if the endurance exercise involves the same muscle groups. So in short, don’t worry too much about interference assuming you are getting the right recovery, nutrition and following a logical training program.

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