Transfer of Training

Why doesn’t my leg press transfer directly to my squat? In training there is a concept called “transfer of training”. It simply means that one exercise’s strength gains don’t always directly transfer to other exercises. The level of transfer is dependent on what Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky deemed dynamic correspondence. We are not going to detail the specifics here, but it was an outline of qualifications an exercise needs to meet in order to determine the level of transfer that might take place. For example, the leg press might raise the strength of your legs, but obviously your legs are not the only muscles working during a squat, and the neurological similarity is different (free weights vs machine). The amount of transfer is contingent on many different factors, but when we talk about transfer we cannot ignore the idea of “potential”. Yes, your legs get stronger from a leg press, but no, that doesn’t immediately transfer to the squat. However, that doesn’t mean your newly found leg strength won’t eventually be transferred to the squat if the skill of the squat itself is trained properly.