Velocity-Specific Training

Velocity specific adaptation is the idea that the speed we train at is the speed we get better at, assuming we are always trying to move the bar as fast as we can regardless of weight. So the key thing there is moving the bar as fast as we can regardless of weight. When we add weight to the bar, the maximal speed we can move it at decreases, but the maximal force we can express increases. What research has shown us is that when we train at moving light loads at fast speeds, we get better at moving more weight at that same speed (velocity). So in short, what speed we train at, as dictated by the weight on the bar we lift, the better we get at lifting more weight at that speed. This is why world record powerlifters are not world record sprinters and visa versa. Yes, both athletes produce tons of force in their given sport, but the speed at which they produce it at varies quite a bit. So if you are wondering why you aren’t getting faster, jumping higher or becoming more powerful at a high velocity sport, then maybe high velocity training can be your solution.