Deadlift Workout

Variable movement sets are designed to incorporate different movement positions within a given set, to target different angles of load and musculature. This type of training is often used to add variety in how a muscle is being trained, how a movement is performed and how tension is being created. Now, there is no exact science behind this, but more theory and concept. The idea is that by changing our stance or position, we can target similar musculature but through different recruitment patterns and angles hopefully (key word being hopefully) for more optimal training. Below is an example of how this can be performed. It is important to note this type of training should be done with submaximal weights, because repositioning under fatigue could be unsafe.

Wide Stance RDL x 5

Squat Stance RDL x 5

Narrow Stance RDL x 5

Narrow DB Bench x 5

Wide DB Bench x 5

Neutral DB Bench x 5

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