Is Your Recovery Holding You Back?

You might be training for an hour or two multiple times a week and for some reason we like to think those hours are the only hours that matter. However, what we do outside of training is critically important. One of those things that you do that is extremely important is the opposite of working out, which is sleeping. Sleep is when our body goes through repair. But, sleep is not just sleep. There is sleep quality and quantity. Quality is relative to the amount of deep sleep (responsible for growth hormone release) and REM (plays a role in memory and emotional regulation) and quantity is the sheer number of hours of sleep. By nature, getting more sleep raises the potential for you to get more quality hours of sleep, but does not guarantee it. So making sure we get good quality sleep comes from our sleep hygiene (no phones/tv before bed, cold dark room, sleep routine). This allows you to get the most out of your sleep in all. Along with protein and adequate nutrition, sleep is a key factor in augmenting your gains. So if you are working hard and not seeing results, look elsewhere to see what might be holding you back. 

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