dr sam schwartz pt dpt

Dr. Sam is a Physical Therapist currently practicing in Colorado Springs, CO in outpatient orthopedics with Total Function Physical Therapy PC. He has special interests in sports medicine and orthopedics and thus gears much of his continuing education in this direction. Dr. Sam considers himself a lifelong learner and forever student of his profession, and he prides himself on perfecting his craft to best care for his patients. In practice, Dr. Sam treats a vast array of conditions but takes particular interest in acute and chronic low back and neck pain, jaw pain, dizziness, and hip/knee pain. Dr. Sam has developed a unique interest in the body's ability to adapt, change, and heal intrinsically through safe, progressive movement and loading. Motion literally is lotion but finding the right type of lotion is the trick. He firmly believes the body has the capacity to heal and excel under the appropriate conditions no matter your age or previous injury history. And he spends much of his day proving that to his patients, helping them reach their full potential and optimize their health. Outside of the clinic you'll find Dr. Schwartz chasing that Rocky Mountain air anyway he can: hiking, backpacking, trail running, etc. And like any true midwesterner, he'll never turn down a cold beer, some cheese, and a game of cribbage with his wife.