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Why should I take UEN Sleep Support? 

At Upper Echelon Nutrition, we are always striving to provide well-researched, evidence based products for the highest quality results on a consistent basis. We formulated UEN Sleep Support to SYNERGISTICALLY provide high quality sleep long-term. We have worked extensively to create a blend that will provide natural sleep cycle regulation, without habit-forming ingredients like melatonin.  

How much sleep do I need?

Research typically shows that somewhere around 7 to 9 hours of high quality sleep is optimal for athletes and gym-goers alike. Evidence suggests sticking to this range of sleep allows the body to physically recover at an optimal rate, and enables the brain to reset for the next day as well. 

What affects sleep quality?

Sleep quality can be affected by a multitude of factors. To name a few, exposure to light (especially blue lights), intake of stimulating substances (including caffeine) in proximity to bed time, level of activity throughout the day, and regular sleeping habits (circadian rhythm included) are factors that can be affected by the individual to regulate sleep. Outside of these factors, there are ways to assist in regulating a sleeping schedule via supplementation, and that’s where an all-natural sleep aid like UEN Sleep Support comes into play. 

Why is there no added melatonin in UEN Sleep Support?

There are many sleep supplements out there with very large (1-5 mg) amounts of melatonin. There is evidence that melatonin, especially at these high doses, can be somewhat dependency-forming, and overuse can cause tolerance in the brain receptors which get desensitized to its effects. There are also well-known side effects of melatonin use in many individuals, including extensive drowsiness upon waking up and interactions with medications. Melatonin is known for helping people fall asleep, but not necessarily staying asleep. UEN Sleep Support has been designed for long-term use in conjunction with developing healthier sleep habits. We want to provide products that do not affect your day-to-day life in a negative way. On the contrary, we strive to provide the most beneficial (and non dependency forming) ways to optimize your life.

sleep support

When should I take my UEN Sleep Support?

Typically start by taking it 30-45 minutes prior to your normal bed time, and see how the timing works with your sleep schedule needs. Remember, this is not a supplement that is made to simply make you fall asleep, but rather to assist you as part of a healthy sleep regimen. Make sure to read this article about healthy sleep habits

Can UEN Sleep Support be taken while taking other supplements?

There are no contraindications for taking UEN Sleep Support with other UEN products. Always consult your physician if you are taking any other drugs or medications or have any health conditions.

What should UEN Sleep Support be taken with?

Ideally, UEN Sleep Support should be taken with a glass of water. We strongly advise against consuming alcohol with UEN Sleep Support, as excessive drinking significantly reduces sleep quality. 

Do I need to cycle on/off UEN Sleep Support?

There are no dependency or tolerance forming ingredients in UEN Sleep Support, so there is no need to cycle off for any period of time. 

How should I store my UEN Sleep Support?

It is best to store your bottle in a cool, dark, and dry environment.



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