Tom Kokosinski

Tom is the founder of Upper Echelon Nutrition. As a former Division 1 athlete who played basketball at Rutgers University, he developed a passion for optimizing human performance at an early age. This passion led him to the creation of Upper Echelon Nutrition, with the intention of bringing transparency and scientifically-backed products to market. Tom has been involved and interested in achieving peak human performance as he started studying and writing about supplements, nutrition, and training at the age of 13. One of the issues Tom saw with many supplement companies was their lack of transparency and trustworthiness and the use of proprietary blends rather than showing specific amounts of ingredients.

Tom’s overarching and ultimate goal for Upper Echelon Nutrition is to address the many glaring weaknesses in the supplement industry. He brings extensive knowledge gleaned over two decades of both research and practical application as an athlete and personal trainer to the table with one goal in mind - to provide the highest quality, science-backed products with complete transparency, integrity, and unmatched customer service. In his free time, Tom loves working out, playing basketball, and reading. He was also recently inducted into the very prestigious American Mensa Society and International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.