Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a reflection of your autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous systems is made up of two branches, your parasympathetic and sympathetic. Your parasympathetic system is responsible for “rest and digest” while your sympathetic system is responsible for “fight or flight”. A HRV is associated with a less sympathetic tone. Sympathetic tone is not a bad thing, but excessive activation can be a negative and limit adaptation. The Sympathetic system is responsible for mobilizing energetic reserves and if your body is spending all of your time mobilizing, you don’t have time to rebuild. This is why HRV has become a unique tool to monitor recovery. It is a minimally invasive way to get an objective reflection of your current internal state of the body. The more information you can get about how your body is recovering the better you can plan your daily training.

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