Isolation Training

Isolation training is the idea of simply targeting a single muscle group by “isolating” the join through which it creates contraction. In simplest form, it is easiest understood by looking at muscle, say biceps, isolating one of its primary functions, elbow flexion and performing curls. The benefit to this style of training is that it removes the potential of other muscles compensating. For example, when doing a pull up, it is hard to know if your lats or your biceps are the primary mover. However, with a curl, you have isolated the joint and acting muscles. The downside to this style of training is that in order to target a larger number of muscle groups, it becomes quite consuming because you literally have to target each joint and muscle group. On top of that, certain muscles are bi-articular and cross two joints. For example the hamstrings cross the knee and hip joint, being responsible for both knee flexion and hip extension. By only doing hamstring curls, you might be missing out on the proximal region of the muscle itself. That being said, isolation training is a great way to focus on specific body parts and can certainly have a place in any training program, as long as it is not the only training methodology being used. A great way to use isolation training is to use it in 4-6 week cycles as part of your strength training program.

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