Overcoming Isometrics

Overcoming isometrics are a form of isometric where the movement is performed by pressing into an immovable object, for example pressing into pins. Overcoming isometrics are a unique form of training in that you can target a specific joint position and because you are the one pressing, you control the amount of resistance. This way, you can perform a lift to complete failure, with maximal load or something in the middle without having to actually be concerned about an actual overload in terms of weight. Because again, there is no actual load outside of how much you are pressing into the immovable object. Here are some ways you can program overcoming isometrics:

Maximal force build ups – 3 second ramp, 3 second hold, 3 second release

Rapid Builds ups – 1 second 75% effort 1 second off repeat

Maximal Duration Holds – Press for 45 seconds with high level of intent

Give it a try and see how it works for you.

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